Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving...and Moving...And Moving

This is the entrance to our soon-to-be new home. It is now February 13, 2011.

Early December 2010, we took the plunge to renovate/rehab the mezzanine - now known as "Riley & Sharon's Treehouse". Over ten years ago, we bought a 3 story business building with a lower level in the heart of downtown Dayton. Whether or not it really resides in the "heart" of downtown Dayton is left to those scoffers. Within a year of rehabbing it (the building has quite an interesting history), the former mezzanine was torn down and a new one built for a "" company. Eight months later the company went bankrupt. It sat vacant for quite awhile...very sad.

Riley & I started talking about renovating it for living space. Why not. The space is quite unusual....spans the entire length of the building...100 feet roughly by 16 feet...and split up in business room fashion. Whatever that means.

The conference room was tagged to be the sewing/study room. A long rectangle space is now the kitchen/dining room area. The room adjacent to it is the master bedroom. Adjacent to the master bedroom is the master bathroom. Walking up the stairs to the Treehouse, you open the door and that's the living room with 2nd bathroom discretely (we hope) against the wall - walled off of course.

I've documented the rehabbing of our new living space on Flickr:

And so the end of living in a 2 bedroom high rise apartment (6th floor) is coming to an end this month.

With aching muscles and tired feet, we are slowly moving our life into the Treehouse....and for that I am most pleased. It will be exciting and it's ours - even if it is cold there right now. A slight glitch: while the gas line for the furnace was run, the hookup was not. But all is well - the process for that will begin this week.

In the meantime, I look forward to quilting once again!