Friday, April 22, 2011

Project Underway

Ahhh - it is the 22nd of April....and I finally tackled a new project.

While at a local LQS (not shopping - honestly - not shopping!!!) (uh huh - sure), I saw the neatest table runner - made of a shape called TUMBLERS. Googled it later and found a very, very nice pattern courtesy of Quilters' Cache. If you don't know this site, find it and immediately bookmark it. It is a TREASURE of blocks and patterns. Love it.

I digress (love that word). For several years I have received birthday fabric from my quilting buddies who belong to an online yahoo group. Size of the fabric ranged from F8 to some not-known sizes. After a good seasoning (all quilting fabric must season for awhile - it's a known fact), I took them out the other day and thought...ahhh ha! Eureka. I had an ah ha moment.

And promptly started cutting.....and cutting...and cutting.

First off - very important prep. STARCH your fabric pieces first. It really does make it easier to cut out the shapes. Rotary cutter, yes. Can do. But I like using scissors for this particular shape. Decided not to add 1/4 inch border around as suggested. Who am I kidding? I promptly cut out the shape and cut at least 30 before I read the directions...add 1/4 inch border before cutting. Sigh. Really lovely to sit down in front of my computer and watch "Lie to Me" episodes via Netflix. It's the little things.

And so now I've got 3 bags of these lovely tumblers. One bag for lights, one bag for mediums and one bag for darks. My definition of lights/mediums/darks. Yours may be a whole lot different (smile).

And so now ready to sew.

Stay tuned.....!

I do quilt.


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