Friday, March 08, 2013

SQUIRREL.....8 March 2013

And this is my world for the past couple of months.  Many UFOs - - Many PIGs - and much fabric in the sewing room.  Quilters - you know what I'm talking about.  Those Unfinished Objects....Projects in Grocery Bags...and you pick that up first UFO and then someone says BLOCK OF THE MONTH, fondly referred to as BOM.

Really - and it's free?  And at the end of the year, I'll have 12 blocks to put together for a really nifty quilt?  

Sure - I can do one of those a month for 2013.  

Then someone remarks...hey have you seen those free Civil War Block of the Months?  Secure in the knowledge that I will never ever touch Civil War fabrics, I decide to just take a look.  Oh heavens...Barbara Brackman is a wonderful wonderful quilter and her Dixie Diary blocks are amazing.  Out whips the gift card for a LQS (after all, I'm on a self imposed NO BUY 2013) and next thing I know, I'm buying CW fabrics.  Me - the self proclaimed Batik Queen. 

Hey - I am so in for these - I can do one a month for 2013.

And then someone posts about another BOM.  Great for digging into your scrap bin.

Hey - I can do one of those a month for 2013.

And in the background I hear my UFOs crying out for completion.....those PIGs are plotting a coup to take over my sewing machine.....and bravely, I put aside the BOMs....and whip out an UFO.  

Oh yes, I can do this.  This UFO will be completed and I can claim VICTORYWith uplifted fist, I shout YES and feverishly start looking through my stash for a suitable border.

For all of 10 minutes.

Then I hear SQUIRREL (reference the movie UP....if you haven't seen it, you have missed a great movie) and I'm off to dig through the scrap bin for yet another BOM.  How I was sucked into the BOM vortex again defies logic. 

My Motto for 2013:  BOMs Rule

My Motto for 2014:  UFOs MUST Rule

Just as long as no one shouts SQUIRREL.

Happy Quilting!





Maria said...

Apparently you are spending 2013 preparing for 2014. I would hate for you to get caught off guard!

RileyD, nwJ said...

Appears purple is becoming your favorite color as well. Beautiful work.