Saturday, January 03, 2015

3 January 2015

It took awhile to unearth my password to this blog.  Shameful.  Two years of MIA???  Life has a way of taking unexpected twists and turns.  How we twist and turn is either a testimony to God's grace....or not.  

I have noted that many quilters take on a word every year.  A word that defines...or a word that one HOPES will define....or a word that one prays will keep them on track.  I like that.  

2014's word was:  Acceptance.  Didn't do too well with it.  Much as I would lovvvve to go into each and every story, I'll spare the details.

2015's word IS:  Encourager.

That's a word I often overlook.  How many times have I looked at others' quilts (usually posted online with a yahoo group) and wrote nothing.  Zip.  It dawned on me recently that a word appropriately spoken could have spoke volumes to that individual.  Encourager.  Yes, I think that is a word I will have to print out in very large letters and post them everywhere in the Treehouse.

2015 is the year of accountability.  I took the time to dig out every single unfinished quilt top....every kit....every group of block-of-the-month I started and would finish "someday".....and every block that didn't make the "grade" (too small, too large, too....well, you get the idea)....and the results were very revealing.  Maybe 2014's word "Acceptance" meant I was to start tons of project and accept the fact I'd never finish???

Without going into detail...the number of kits and quilt tops numbered 43.  FORTY-THREE.  And yes - I truly do not care if you believe a kit is a so-called UFO - and why don't we use UFQ instead....UnFinished is not an is QUILT - where was I?  Darn those squirrel moments.  Okay - a kit IS a UFQ (I'm feeling pretty righteous if you must know).  So 43 is the number....and I have yet to separate those orphan blocks...and that will be for another time.  They did look as if they measured around 4" high....  Do I hear a YIKES???

With spreadsheet in hand, my goal is to complete 10 - yes, TEN - UFQs....and my way of dealing with accountability:  blog it.  

I'm feeling pretty good about life right now.

Could be the Starbucks Chai Latte though.... and seeing my DH's face across the table. 

Quilt on!!