Friday, May 15, 2015

A Quilt From So Many Hearts

I belong to a yahoo quilt group:  Quilters Who Care.  

Every so often a member of the group loses a mother...or a father...or a brother....or is just having a difficult time.

When facing a difficult time, quilters have the same thought....make a quilt of comfort.

Email goes out....send heart blocks!  

Nothing beats a comforting quilt.  This one will go to a member who lost her mom a short time ago.  

When my dad died a few years ago, I received a heart many hearts, so much comfort. 

Of this I am sure:  when in doubt when grief strikes someone you know - consider a quilt.

Sew on!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Attempt to Write Weekly......

I won't even look back to check when was the last time I blogged.  Gasping is probably not good for the soul.

Quilting and quilting and quilting....and more quilting.  Not true.  Some quilting.....but not nearly enough to be content. 

What does it mean to be contented quilter?  For some, happily sewing away 24/7.  For others, maybe an hour a week.  I'm somewhere in the middle.

Blocks are slowly becoming quilt tops....Quilt tops are slowly becoming completed quilts.  
I'm slowly getting there.

This is the Pocketful of Mysteries (Mystery?  I'm always confusing the name of the yahoo group) quilt.  Each block posted by the owner of the group - each representing a letter of the alphabet.  Four corners are the Friendship Star.  Bless EQ7 for making it easier to come up with a layout.  

Oh yes, EQ7.  That has consumed a lot of time ... sometimes, frustrating.  Other times, not so frustrating.  It's a learning process....and I enjoy the heck out of figuring out how to use it for not-so-common ideas in my head.  

Back to the PFOM quilt.  A border has been cut...and there it sits patiently across the bar on the quilting frame, waiting for the border to be sewn on.  

I love patient quilts.  Others that are waiting are not so patient.  They are the mouthy quilt tops that need borders.....or are ready to be sandwiched and quilted....or .....

So what's on the docket today?  A heart block quilt....and it is coming together nicely.  I discovered EQ7 allows one to scan in a block and EUREKA!  - it becomes part of one's block library.  Okay, not quite so EUREKA! took quite awhile before the EUREKA could be uttered. Other words were quite rampart at the time.  

At the same time, must remember to fit walking in on a daily basis.  I could be content to sit and sew most of the day.  The body says otherwise.  

Sew on!