Monday, November 02, 2015

Is there such a thing as a ORGANIZED sewing room? 2 November 2015

I think not.  Not for me.  Not now, not ever.  So many projects, so little time. 

However, I did spend quite a bit of time reorganizing the room.  An entire day and then some.  While there are probably a few BEFORE photos hanging around, it's best to just share the NOW photos. was truly a terror seeing those BEFORE photos.  And why the need for organizing?  Design wall.  There wasn't a clear pathway to the one wall that would suffice for a design wall.  Sometimes it just takes a nudge (or in this case, a push off a cliff) to realize something has to change.

So a few photos of the NOW.....

First - a shot of the mid arm and the beloved quilting frame.  Or maybe it's the beloved quilting frame that houses the beloved mid arm.  At any rate..... Finally pulled the entire set up out from the wall....just so I can now order a second set of handles for Mz Bailey.  Time to branch out and use pantographs.  (See how confidently she phrases "time to branch out").  (Fingers actually shook when typing "time to branch out").

 Second - a shot of the sewing table.  Yes, there truly is a sewing machine on that table....  I know, the wall area kind of draws your attention away from the sewing table....But I do so love those Command Strips.  OMGosh....there are so many to choose from.  I think I have them all.  So Mz Janome (I have a gift for naming my sewing pals) sits serenely here and I am trying to find the time to serenely sit in front of her....soon, I hope. 

And this is a shot of the cutting table, design wall on the left. Design wall to be worked on at a later date.  Right now, it sort of leans to the left, stumbles to the right and wrinkles in the middle.  However, it shows promise.  And yes, that is a window above the cutting table.  We live in converted office space - commonly referred to as the "mezzanine" or as we call it "The Treehouse".  The window looks over the chess club.  Yes, a chess club.  Someday a real house...but this has been home now for over 4 years.  The cutting table is remarkable...with nice storage underneath.  Thank you dear Pinterest.  

And then there are the UFQs.  Unfinished Quilts - I have never been fond of the acronym "UFOs".....Objects?  Small wonder they have remain in the state they are in for months and months (okay - some have been languishing for years!). You got me.  I figure if UFOs became UFQs, then I'm ahead of the game.  I'll get back to you on that one. 

Yes.  There are UFQs in those plastic storage containers.
Orphan blocks .... sigh
And more UFQs....

And latest project:

Hopefully will turn into a quilt for Ft Hood ..... they do such a wonderful job of taking care of our soldiers from overseas.

Perhaps I should seriously think about getting out of this chair and into the sewing room....which still does not have a name.  Mz Sewing Room doesn't quite hack it.


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Diamond D said...

Wow, you have really been busy getting that quilt wall up and running. I love the quilting area. Cant wait to hear how you do with the pantogram....go for it. I would love to have a sewing table like yours...lbut I am not handy with tools to make it, althugh I have diagrams in my WISH LIST binder for quilty things.