Friday, November 27, 2015

Thankful For.......

The day after.....Black Friday Sales....serious thoughts of never eating again....

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing.  Sister's and BIL's invite was very much welcomed....despite the urge to follow with my original plan and arrive in my pajamas.  It was a lovely dinner....and good conversation....and the realization I have so many blessings and much to be thankful for:

God whom I can trust and put my faith in Him for every detail of my life

Despite a good number of excess pounds (and no, excess is a good enough description), I have my health.  

I have a wonderful church family whom I know I can (or in this day and age:  text) just to chat.
 I have a wonderful husband who, despite the good number of excess pounds, believes I am quite exceptional.  44 years plus and he still has that great smile that warms me down to my toes.

We have four exceptional grandkiddos who let us know we are special to them every time we see them

We have exceptional grown kids who have managed quite well in providing us these wonderful grandkiddos (in the world of grandparents, that's a high compliment)

I quilt.

I know there are so many more blessings I can list but for now, that's pretty good.

On my LIST for 2016:  lose this excess weight....exercise more with that wonderful husband....and quilt more.  

And always....continue to discover more about my Lord who continues to amaze me with His unfailing love, grace and most of all: patience.

Ah yes...the quilt.  This one went to a member of a yahoo group.....made with 6 1/2" square "heart" blocks.  There is something very comforting about wrapping one's self with a quilt - especially one made with blocks made by other quilters.  Working with the blocks sent in from various states (and from Canada!), it struck me just how generous most quilters are with their talent, their time and compassion.  Quilting is more than just sewing two squares together.  It's an expression of love. 

Today....I will quilt.


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