Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Until Later.....

On New Year's Eve, hubby and I were celebrating the last day of 2015 at church.  Games, food (always the food), movies, food conversation, food...did I mention food?  

A few hours into the evening, my cell rings.  Wisconsin number?  Who do I know well enough in Wisconsin to merit a call?  Surely not mom...she is not a long distance caller.  

Long story short, it was the son of a woman I had known for awhile.  Yahoo group.  Quilters.  There were four of us total who traveled by car from Wisconsin (I visited with mom for a day before leaving) to Texas...with a stop in Indiana and Missouri.  Texas.  Quilting Retreat.  An adventure of a lifetime.   It was not good news.  One of those three quilters passed away earlier in the day.


One of the two founders of the yahoo group
The one who encouraged me to not give up quilting (it was a very dark couple of months for me)
The one who taught me - online! - applique
The one who asked me if I would consider stepping up to be one of the co-owners of the group as she was going to bow out due to health issues
The one who drove most of the trip to and from Texas (that was my favorite)

And now she is no longer with us.

Yes, she is in a far better place.....but it just does not hold a lot of comfort for many who miss her physical presence.

Tomorrow I board a plane for Milwaukee....snag a rental car....drive to mom's (Oshkosh) for a couple days of visiting and on Saturday, the 23rd of January I will pull out my handy driving directions to Menomonee Falls where the memorial will be held for Linda.  I'll drive back shortly after the service to mom's...spend a few more days and board a plane in Milwaukee for home.

It won't be goodbye.  

It will be ...Until Later, Linda......


P.S.  A UFQ finally completed.  For daughter.  That in itself is a story...for another time.