Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Fussy Crumb Blocks Revisited 5 April 2017

Squirrel moments again.  One day I will come up with a plan and stick to it.  Think that will ever happen?  Me neither. 

Fussy Crumb Blocks....

This was the original.  Emphasis on the WAS.

I am truly not sure why this plan wasn't a full blown GO.  After a few pleasurable hours of unsewing (or frogging or is it defrogging?) - and yes, it really was pleasurable - I sat and pondered.  Okay, maybe not the pondering - but I did think about it.  

Original idea morphed into:

 I think I will like it.  

Unless the squirrel reappears.


1 comment:

Diamond D said...

Missy, I was impressed with the first layout, but SQURREL I really like the new look. The dark sashing not only brings a bit of order to the colours, it really pops them out giving the rows a truly loveable look. Will be waiting and watching for. more super delightful photos asyou move forward.