Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Just Another Day....

Today my sister Carol has surgery. While it's not major surgery, it's surgery just the same.

We "listened" to the procedure via computer over a week ago. Computer information has now replaced the doctor's explanations and support. Sad. Technology has its place - but this goes beyond the pale. Nice thing about providing comments afterwards - you can.

So today is the day for her - and I'm so grateful to have a job that allows the ability to take off the day to be with her.

I haven't been there for my sister in a long, long time. She is now legally separated from her husband of 15 years. This wasn't a decision she took to lightly...and my prayer is that he'll wake up some day, realize he needs help and will seek God for wisdom and strength.

Today isn't just about the's about learning to give. Carol has said more than once: "I like to help people". It's just not that she likes it - she loves it. God gave her such a gift for helping people. It doesn't matter if it is just listening, pushing a broom or cleaning a bathroom - she's 100% helping.

So today, I'm trying to follow the example she set. The day I can say "I like to help people" and mean it deep inside is the day that God will smile and say 'you got it'.


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