Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Friend

Today I participated in a 5K walk/run - and I found that striving to come in first, second or third isn't necessary anymore.

Today I walked with a friend - and we talked. She cautioned me twice to slow down - and after the 2nd mile, I really appreciated the caution. While it was hot & humid and others passed us by, I realized that a slower pace was a pleasure. I saw several geese flying overhead. I heard birds scolding one another - and prayed that they would be not plotting to cover either one of our heads with little white presents. When the wind blew gently by (at least once, I'm sure of it), it felt wonderful. And we talked and talked - and every so often, we just quietly enjoyed the walk.

My friend became a grandmother about 5 months ago...and so now we have grandchildren in common. I learned more about her in that 50 minutes than all of the past six or more years we have spent together in the office. She's one of the most positive people I have ever encountered - always seeing that half full glass. I have never heard her speak badly of anyone nor have I ever heard anyone speak badly of her. She is the one who encouraged me to walk with her last year - with the enticement of a Tshirt if I walked 3 of the 5 events. She found my weak spot - a prize waiting for me at the end of the journey! So again, the reminder came from this lovely lady to walk again. One 5K down, 4 more to go.

One of life's greatest pleasures while working is to find a few people you can connect with. It's a joy to live with someone whom you can connect with on a regular basis. I am one of the lucky ones. I have a husband whom I feel a deep connection with. He makes me smile, he has moved me to tears with his kindness (he spent all of Mother's Day researching a MP3 player that could record books on CD - just because I said I would like one some day - and bought me one on line), makes me feel like a new bride so many times, and still holds my hand in the car or while walking. Now I discovered I'm blessed because I slowed down on a 5K walk so that I could spend time talking to a coworker who along has been a friend - I just didn't know it. A new connection has been formed.

A friend. Two simple words yet those two words go down deep inside and make you feel warm and comfortable. God has a way of blessing us so many times ... and sometimes it just takes slowing down a bit to discover those blessings.


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