Monday, October 08, 2007

Less Than Forty and Counting

Today marks the end of a four-day "vacation" for me. I hadn't intended to take off Friday, but the opportunity to do so presented itself when son asked if I wouldn't mind babysitting Thursday evening. What grandmother could say no.

The evening was delightful and I learned a few things. NEVER give an almost-three year old a choice of what he/she would like to do. Feed the ducks or go to McDonalds. Lesson #1 learned. I got out the stroller, the little man rode while grandma hoofed it down a couple of blocks to McDonalds. Lesson #2 - always follow through. When I decided it was time to go, grandson was having the time of his life, climbing up, around & sliding down the various slides in the indoor playground. After being told sweetly, "no grandma, I like it up here", I then delivered the ultimatum "either you come down now or I will find a way to come up and get you and I do believe in spanking". Thank God I didn't have to follow through should he have decided not to come down. Thirty seconds later, he was sitting across from me and tell me I was the "best grandma and I really lovvve you". Lesson #3 - no matter what, do not crack a smile when disciplining a grandchild.

And now - less than forty days and counting until I retire. Thirty-one years & five months, most of which have been good. Working for the federal government offers quite a few sweet deals: great health benefits, and relatively speaking - a secure job and fantastic retirement pay. I can now travel with dear husband on his business trips - devote more time to quilting - finally turn those self-designed purse patterns into reality - and best of all - more time with the grandchildren.

Blessed beyond all comprehension - less than forty and counting.


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