Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day in the Life....

Retirement surely does have its benefits....like grandson age 3 1/2 who spent today watching grandma.

While this isn't an unusual occurrence, each day he spends with me is so very special. We've explored Boonshoft Museum of Discovery (great place for kids!), we've spent time at every McDonalds that has an indoor playground, we've taken walks and we've blown bubbles in the wind. Each day is different - each day becomes my favorite day.

Today was no exception. We walked to McDonalds and stopped various times to pick the tiniest of flowers, watch an ant crawl across the sidewalk and counted the big rocks we saw. After getting our meals, we found a place in the playground area. Grandson would bite off a bit of the chicken nuggets, swallow & then run off to the play area. After thirty minutes plus, I issued the ultimate warning - three more times he could go back to the play area. I was prepared for tears and protests when the third time would arrive. The second time he returned, he solemnly informed me with hands on hips, "gramma, it's time for us to go". Always the upper hand, that's our grandson. We walked back to his home, all the while stopping to pick tiny flowers (commonly known as weeds), counting the rocks, and of course talking all the while. We talked about the necessity of a nap once we got home - and of course struck an agreement that once one cartoon show was over, he would take a nap. Halfway through the show, he looks up and says "it's time now for me to take a nap". Two upper hand episodes in one day... the kid has great potential to be very influential when he grows up.

Days like these are treasures - each and every one of them. There is nothing in this world that beats the life of grandma.


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