Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awesome Restaurant - Feedback Works!

This is the story of what customer service SHOULD be about....

Our chess club is a couple doors down from Spaghetti Warehouse - located at 36 W. 5th Street, Dayton OH. My sister helps me out frequently during the club's open hours (not to mention all the cleaning she does during the club's closed times) .... and of course, we tend to get hungry at odd moments (every 37 seconds in my estimation).

This evening sis walked down to the restaurant - and got her usual soup-and-salad. Now mind you - this is the same thing she always orders - carryout or dining in. Soup and salad has always been accompanied with a loaf of their wonderful sourdough bread. When she got the order, she looked inside the bag and commented "I'm sorry - but the bread wasn't included". Conversation went somewhat like this:

"It doesn't come with the bread".
"But I've always ordered soup and salad and there's always bread with it"
"You must have been mistaken - it never has come with bread"
"I know what I've ordered and the soup and salad always comes with the bread"
"You're mistaken - someone made a mistake and it never comes with the bread"

Needless to say, one unhappy sister comes back - minus the bread. She decides to walk back to the restaurant - and brings back the menu. Entrees include bread - so perhaps soup & salad isn't an entree....worth pondering. But still...dozens of time, bread was included.

Ah - there's a little line on the carryout menu..."Please tell us about your dining experience at".....

Perfect. However - probably a waste of time.

I did so - filling out the form - complete with home address & cell phone number.

Ten minutes later, Kevin from Spaghetti Warehouse calls - apologizing profusely. Sister returns to restaurant....and comes back with not one loaf of bread - but FOUR. Count them - FOUR loaves of bread.

Kevin - Spaghetti Warehouse - THUMBS UP on the absolute BEST customer service I have ever seen exhibited.

If there's a Spaghetti Warehouse close to you - try it out.... Can't guarantee you'll leave with four loaves of bread - but they sure do know what it takes to keep their customers here in Dayton Ohio.

Kudos - thumbs up - 4 stars to Spaghetti Warehouse.


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