Monday, November 03, 2008

Life of a Cat....

No doubt about it....cats have it made. What other animal can wake you up at 3:30am and feel absolutely no shame about it. Food bowl is filled - plenty of water - kitty litter box clean .... Nope, it's just a matter of "hey, I was lonely and I think it's time you got your rear in gear and play with me".

Kitty gymnastics usually start around 3:30am - and then will escalate into gentle patting on the face with a paw or two.....and by 5:30am, there's the full scale, cat face in my face and purring as such that I swear could only come from a small lion. There is indeed nothing like waking up eyeball-to-eyeball with a cat. It'll take years off your life - trust me.

But I'll take this companion over a dog anytime. She greets me affectionately even if I'm gone for five minutes to throw a garbage bag down the chute in the hallway. Within seconds of moving from one place to another, she's right behind me....and settles in until I move on to another area in the apartment.

Nothing like a cat....they're definitely in charge of the world.


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