Friday, January 30, 2009

Heartwarming Roses - Even in Frigid Weather

This is Tuesday's rose - the 27th of January. I admit it. I'm spoiled. A rose every Tuesday and with it brings a ray of sunshine even during the most frigid of days.

Double digit temperatures - 6 inches of snow - and another inch or so of ice beneath the snow. It's been a lovely couple of days here in Dayton Ohio. I must remember these days come summer when I complain that it's so terribly hot.

Here's a shot from our 6th floor apartment window.....Frigid? You bet. We don't often get days like these - but when we do, it's a beauty. Now imagine, going out to brush off the car - and finding underneath the snow about an inch of ice. Now imagine looking in the rental car (another story for another time) and finding no.scraper.anywhere. One hour later, 2 Blockbuster cards, one tiny whisk broom, one plastic dustpan and 1/8th of a tank of gas (had to get that defroster working), we were able to get into the car. Now THAT is determination.

But there's beauty even in the frigid weather. Beauty to be enjoyed from our 6th floor living room window.

And in the meantime, I quilt.


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