Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Thoughts.....

Time has a way of passing so very quickly without one realizing it. The rose continues to be delivered without fail every Tuesday and I'm reminded how very much I am loved.

It occurred to me the other evening that life is a series of short stops. Sometimes we stay for awhile and we think - ahhhhhh - this is it. This is nice and life becomes comfortable. Comfortable turns into a yearning for something different and once again, we continue on the journey.

And then there are those who no longer travel and life just is. It's nothing more, nothing less. We've all been there. We take each other for granted....we forget why God created us .... we forget to share our thoughts....we no longer dream out loud. This has nothing to do with how young or how old one is. Without dreams, life is empty and desolate.

God has given each of us a very special gift - a talent if you will. Sometimes we discover it early. Sometimes we don't recognize it at all but others do. Sometimes we just don't want the responsibility and ignore it completely. And the saddest of all - there are those who don't even look for it at all.

What's your gift? What have you done lately to touch the heart of others? A touch, a smile, telling a joke or passing on a little note that simply reads "I care"..... There is so much we can do to serve others. That's really why we're here.

Random thoughts....

And in the meantime, I quilt.


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