Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life IS Change

Monday the 27th of July marked our 38th wedding anniversary. Thirty-Eight Years. Lots of changes in those 38 years - some of them good - some of them I used to wish for a do over. But if I'm to believe that God is really in charge, the changes were and still are for the best.

We learn from change. Sometimes it's overnight. Sometimes it takes months. Sometimes it's a question I hope God will answer. My list of questions are getting shorter each day. Now that is a very good thing.

On our anniversary, we opted to go to Red Lobster. Actually, I got to choose. Change didn't happen for the choosing of the restaurant (grin). It's a standard safe restaurant for me. However, that morning we did some major furniture rearranging in the bedroom and in the living room. Okay, so it's not earth shaking change - but a pleasant one just the same.

What I really thought about most was the fact that we are not guaranteed anything. We're fortunate enough to have one grown child & family live very close to us now. We're blessed we can perfect our grandparenting skills with the 4 year old grandchild - and blessed that we can do so on a regular basis. That could change tomorrow if a job change takes them out of the area.

We're blessed we have another grown child & family who live ninety minutes away. There are many days when I wish we could perfect our grandparenting skills with the 3 year old grandchild. Maybe someday. That could all change tomorrow if a job change takes them further away.

There are a multitude of changes that go on in our lives every single day. I was choosing to look at the dark side of each change until this very moment. If you will excuse the "I don't know what caused the change" statement, I realized I do know what caused the shift. Life IS change. Without change, we can't grow, we don't learn and we stagnate.

Ah yes - quilt blocks. Finished the last of the 20 last night. They'll be shipped off to a woman in Maryland where she'll combine then with other blocks made from ladies across the US....and will end up in a quilt for a child somewhere. Quilt for Kids. Look it up. Great organization!

I quilt.


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