Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Belonging to several yahoo quilting groups, I read almost all the posts (averaging 50 a day) and was struck by one post in particular.

There are times when we all leap out in faith and post photos of our work. I'd like to think we do this with some sort of trepidation, looking for some sort of feedback. Never have I witnessed other than pure kindness when comments are posted in response to a completed project or perhaps just a block. However, this one post brought out something I didn't give much thought to until several days later..

The author pointed out a simple lack of courtesy that prevails among us all. Someone takes the leap - posts a photo of a current project and not one comment was posted.

Looking back over several postings and indeed, there were several noticeable lack of comments after one brave soul posted a photo. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. The author of the post simply asked - what does it take of your time to simply post "great job" or "love the colors you chose" or "thanks for sharing".

Two or three words in response. We spend time posting about the weather - or how little incentive there seems to be to do a little quilting today.....

And I am guilty as charged. I look, I smile and ponder why those three colors look so well together. I move on. Nary a post in response.

We were all created by God to serve many purposes....and high on that list is to simply love one another. Encouraging is high on that list - and it takes so little to say "job well done" or "I like it".

Off the soapbox for now and on to resting. I managed to pick up a particularly nasty virus which resulted in laryngitis and it has decided to reside with me longer than I had expected.

So please post those photos of those beautiful blocks - those beautiful quilt tops - and know that at least one person will comment.

Oh yes - the quilt block. Paper pieced! I resisted paper piecing for so many years and now find that they're challenging and wonderful for using up those bits and pieces of fabric I've hoarded for so many months. Slowly but surely I will be working through a wonderful book of paper pieced blocks - "101 Log Cabin Blocks"....just the 7 inch blocks!

I quilt.


Monday, September 12, 2011

There are days...and then there are days.....

...and that about sums it up.

Spent the weekend at a womens' retreat. My third retreat. Each one has brought about a hmmm moment - or moments. This one was the most intense. Health wise - all in order. Emotional wise - not so in order.

Work has a tendency to define us...or so I've believed for years. When you meet an individual for the first time, the top five questions will always include "so..... what do you do?" - no need to add "for a living" - it's just assumed this is exactly what you're inquiring. It's usually good for a good two minute monolog.

Fast forward 32 years and then the big R hits. Retirement. So....what do I do? And then it hits. I do? I maintain a house (okay, an apartment); I cook (okay, so maybe on a rare occasion); I clean (don't go there) and I quilt. Sometimes quilt. Sometimes less than more.

I make breakfast for my dear husband and me every morning. I pack a lunch for him. I shop for groceries. We walk. What is missing here?

I finally realized the defining of me is not the job I used to have. The defining of me is much more than the 9 to 5 job I held for many years. Part of that job was serving others....completing a project....starting a project...encouraging others to finish a project that was so undesireable to even tackle in the first place....

Serving. What Jesus did on an every hour basis. Serving. A word that means so much more than saying.

Self examining one's life can be very uncomfortable - or it can be challenging.

I choose challenging (she types with trembling fingers).

Not sure where this will take me and my dear husband (as he is always part of the equation) but I do know this ... we all need to serve in some capacity.

It's now just the matter of what God has in store for me.

In the meantime, I think I shall quilt.