Monday, December 05, 2011

Scrappy Strips.......

Nothing sparks my interest than something new. Oh pfffttt. I just do NOT like following directions nor a pattern.

Scrappy strip blocks. What a great way to use scraps (and who doesn't have a few - ahem - bags of scraps?!?!). In the retreat room (aka sewing area which I share with Riley), I've whipped up over 50 of these babies. Four 5 1/2 strip square blocks sewn together and then trimmed to 10". Seems like I could whip up a quilt in no time.

I jest and surely you do too.

Not being one with the mathematical mind (other than balancing the checkbook), I used 2 inches of a beautiful mottled gray blender in between each block. I do believe we quilters call that "sashing". When I become a quilter with terminology, I'll let you know.

At any rate, put a few together - threw it on the bed and nope, not quite wide enough. Added a few more blocks. Threw it on the bed. Nope, not quite wide enough. Finally at 7 blocks, it's wide enough. I think. That's what borders are for .....

This latest project is so much fun! I put the 4 blocks together and each one is a "oh my - isn't that striking". I love it when I feel so quilty.

Hallelujah!!! I'm quilting!!!!



RileyD, nwJ said...

You have to enlarge the photos to see just how nice these squares turn out. Nice work.

Vic in NH said...

Good job! Thanks for sharing your pretty string blocks, they look great!

diamond said...

Hi Angel....started reading your blog today. I have made several jelly roll quilt tops. At first they didn't appeal to me, but with the easy sewing strips, they grew on me quite quickly. Keep on writing as I enjoy reading your quilt journey.