Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mug Rug Mania on an early Thanksgiving Morning......

After reading several Facebook postings (a morning habit that doesn't seem too harmful.....),  I took stock of the Thanksgiving posts.   All is good.  God is good...and He is in control.  I can rest comfortably in His care.


Two pies are comfortably resting on the kitchen counter.  Yes, homemade. Do I have to count the crusts as not being homemade?  That aside, two gluten free pies were baked by me.  Not to mention, the oven not only got a thorough cleaning (ewwww), but a nice oven liner was placed lovingly underneath the heating coils with a stern warning: you better do your job or else.  Okay - back to the pies.  One pumpkin pie - made with coconut milk.  Canned coconut milk.  Looked all over creation in the two stores for this ingredient.  Ha - it was hidden all along next to the condensed milk.  So much for the meager shelf area that proudly proclaimed GLUTEN FREE.  Somehow I have assigned GLUTEN FREE products to an area of their own.  The other pie - an apple crumb top pie.  I sure hope they taste better than they look.

Now - the Mug Rug Mania.  Mug Rug swap on a yahoo group.  The one made for me arrived in yesterday's mail:

Is that not lovely!  Mine was sent awhile I imagine it would be okay to post a photo of it here:


"BACK SIDE"       


It was an adventure looking for mug rug ideas (Pinterest!)  and printing out a few patterns.  I think a few more mug rugs (I like one friend's suggestion:  Mug "Mats" !) will be tackled in the next few weeks.  Nice idea for Christmas presents......

May today be an especially blessed day for you.  I am so thankful.



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