Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taking A Break......and Crumble those Blocks.....

Twenty-six days into the near year and already a break is needed.  

UFQ #1 done....and UFQ #2 is still sitting on the cutting table waiting....and waiting...and waiting.

Enter ... the break.

Crumb blocks.... Seems to be THE thing in 2017.  Okay - maybe not but I'm latching on to it.   My two words for 2017 are FOCUS and SIMPLIFY.  So SIMPLIFY it is....

These blocks are terrific ... and many kudos to Pinkadot Quilts!  An amazing tutorial:

The Ghastlies 

Somewhere, FOCUS flew out the window, flew around and then came back through the front door...and....  

I'm not buying it either. 

Okay....enter three blocks in the works...

Fussy cutting these birds is not that easy.  A few birds gave up their beaks after the first go around with the strips.  

No idea if I'll keep adding strips until the magic size (6" minimum) arrives...and then trim to 6" squares.  Or maybe not.  

After all, Crumbling the Blocks is taking a break.  Just a small one.

New sig line is now:

2017 Words:  FOCUS and Simplify

Do remind me if I forget!


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