Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UFQ #3 Wonky Stars Has Grown to be a Flimsy! 21 Feb 2017

Remember the ole Nike saying (or perhaps it's still used....):  "Just Do It".  11:30pm last night, it was a matter of Just Do It!  

Just 15 minutes is what was promised to self.  Self said .... okay, make it 30 then and you have a deal.

Almost 2 hours later ....

 Too tired to measure the outcome.  I imagine it's large enough for a baby quilt....or perhaps a small lap quilt.  

Hoping Nike won't mind.... When faced with a necessary completion and for some reason your get up and go has left the building without you:  Just Do It.  It may work.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

UFQ #3 Wonky Stars Almost Completed! *19 February 2017*

I do so love that word:  "completed".  

Okay - so there's a little word in front of it - "almost".  Still.....

It does measure a tad small....but with the additions of two borders, it should make a decent baby quilt.   Borders?

 Green - not too wide border and the yellow orange batik, the finishing border - a bit wider.  Note to self:  measure first, calculate yardage before cutting.  It ceases to be fun to have a box full of various width strips because I ignored notes to self.

And then there's UFQ #4 waiting in the wings.  But that's a story for another day.




Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wonky Stars UFQ #3 Continues - and Always the FCBs *16 Feb 2017*

Sometimes it just pays to step back a bit (a bit - not leave the state), and let the blocks just simmer a tad.  No sense is trying to hear them speak.  They can be very cantankerous.

Wonky Stars moved forward today. 

Row 1 completed:

The cornerstone stars are delightful!  I stumbled across them on Pinterest.  So easy to make - and add such a cute touch!  Two more rows to go....and some really creative borders.  As to size....only time will tell.

And FCBs?  So glad you asked!  Fussy Crumb Blocks row #1 is done!  Over 60" in length....and right now, that's as close to a measurement that can be given.  

 A bit difficult to see as the photographer's skills are pretty darn sketchy. 

Coupled with errands today, not a bad day bonding with Mz Janome.   She truly likes working on two projects on the same day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wonky Stars UFQ #3 - 14 February 2017

The adventure begins!  Another group of blocks (twelve) from a lottery (or perhaps it was a swap?) from a Yahoo group.  Maybe 2013?  Is there some sort of thing about vintage blocks....they need to rest like fine wine before one can enjoy them?  Sounds much better than anything else I can think of right now.


They all make me smile.  Look at those beautiful colors!  

I wrestled with the idea of sashing.  They are 9 1/2" blocks, twelve of them, so sashing is a must.  As will be a couple of borders.  So sashing it was.  Tried a medium blue.  Oh dear....not working well at all.  I'm still at a loss as to why when I "audition" a color, it looks good - until I've cut a strip and minutes later, am removing it.  

Then there's the "let's try something new".  I swear, this quilty voice in my head really needs to zip it.  Okay....something new.  

New color - and the something new....

And so the project will continue until I get to pondering the borders.  

In the meantime, I found the proper name for these stars.  "Uneven Stars" - Quilterscache.  


I think I will stick with Wonky Stars.  



Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fussy Crumble Blocks Continue and UFQ Flimsy Completed...... 9 Feb 2017

And just when you think you have a handle on completing UFQs (Unfinished Quilts), crumble blocks come along.  Fussy Crumble Blocks, affectionately referred to (by me!) as FCBs.

 FCBs all in a row.  Wonky, yes. Wonky intended, yes.  How big will this grow?  I haven't a clue.  Probably not bed size.  I think it might be a bit too busy all grown up to bed size.  Lap size is more like it.  Adding a bit at a time was the goal.  Yeah.  Right.  Made 6 more yesterday evening....and I'm ready to work on more.  

Oh snap - UFQ flimsy stage completed.  Decided no border.  It was taxing my brain way beyond what was necessary (doesn't take much) to figure out size border, what color, etc., etc.  Simply quilt it, bind it and move on.  Yes, it will be a quilt for charity.

Prairie Queen flimsy.  It was fun putting you together.  Blocks made by others in a lottery done via Yahoo group, Quilters Who Care.  Lottery winner asked the blocks to be sent to me.  Wow - what a treat that was!  I still have quite a few more blocks in the Lottery Block Bin.  Yes, I have a Lottery Block fabric basket.  It's amazing what a little organization can do.  And no - not more Prairie Queen blocks.  I have Wonky Star blocks.  Nice big Wonky Stars.  Cannot wait.

Until then, more FCBs lead the charge!

Oh I do quilt - happily.