Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UFQ #3 Wonky Stars Has Grown to be a Flimsy! 21 Feb 2017

Remember the ole Nike saying (or perhaps it's still used....):  "Just Do It".  11:30pm last night, it was a matter of Just Do It!  

Just 15 minutes is what was promised to self.  Self said .... okay, make it 30 then and you have a deal.

Almost 2 hours later ....

 Too tired to measure the outcome.  I imagine it's large enough for a baby quilt....or perhaps a small lap quilt.  

Hoping Nike won't mind.... When faced with a necessary completion and for some reason your get up and go has left the building without you:  Just Do It.  It may work.


1 comment:

Diamond D said...

it is still "Just Do It" and you did! greatvwork stretching 15 minutes into a finished project,