Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wonky Stars UFQ #3 Continues - and Always the FCBs *16 Feb 2017*

Sometimes it just pays to step back a bit (a bit - not leave the state), and let the blocks just simmer a tad.  No sense is trying to hear them speak.  They can be very cantankerous.

Wonky Stars moved forward today. 

Row 1 completed:

The cornerstone stars are delightful!  I stumbled across them on Pinterest.  So easy to make - and add such a cute touch!  Two more rows to go....and some really creative borders.  As to size....only time will tell.

And FCBs?  So glad you asked!  Fussy Crumb Blocks row #1 is done!  Over 60" in length....and right now, that's as close to a measurement that can be given.  

 A bit difficult to see as the photographer's skills are pretty darn sketchy. 

Coupled with errands today, not a bad day bonding with Mz Janome.   She truly likes working on two projects on the same day.


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Diamond D said... those corner stones. Have never seen this type before. They are perfect with the stars....wonky cornerstones...gotta lve it!