Thursday, March 30, 2017

And Squirrel Moments Continue....30 March 2017

Fussy Crumb Blocks
Restoring Ms Franklin
Tax Time

Fussy Crumb Blocks became a bit - uh, complicated.  No. Not complicated.  Way too busy.  4 rows of 6 1/2" FCBs are in the process of being de-frogged.  Or is it Unfrogged?  Or is it...unsewed?  And Crumb Blocks (without the fussy cut center) are in the works also. Goal:  sash each FCB and each CB with a not-very-wide sashing.  2"? - Maybe. 

Then the Squirrel Moments came in....and Ms Franklin needed a bit more attention.....which happened right in the middle of the FCBs and CBs.  Squirrel Moments can happen any time, anywhere.

What started out as - let's just strip the base.  Nope.  She needs to be stripped completely.  I still am finding it fascinating.  So many layers of paint - and despite the numerous cleanings - grime and dirt.  Have given some thought to paint her RED.  That is a long way down the road though.....

As to Tax Time....  I have my quilting passion, DH has a passion for chess....and for 15 years or so, the Dayton Chess Club has been alive and well.  Profit?  Not much - if any - but alive and well.  And taxes?  Oh boy.  Enough said.

Now to go unsew a few more FCBs.  I actually am enjoying the process.  


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