Thursday, March 09, 2017

UFQ #4 Marches Onward.... 9 March 2017

Fifteen minute sewing challenge has been part of an almost-daily routine now.  Today was no different. 

UFQ #4, aka Funky Curvy Rails, met its first border - approved the color - and an hour later (never said I was Speedy Gonzales), first border completed.

 Ahhh....I do like. 

Border #2:  white on white tonal.  

Border #3:  a purple/black swirly pattern

Fifteen minutes a day really does make a difference!  

A contented quilter,


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Diamond D said...

Sharon,I love this wiggley pattern. I would be calling it "Wiggles". Always on the move.Your border colours are really going to make it pop. Great work, my friend. BTW I am amazed as are tou at how much we have been doing with this 15 minute challenge that stretches over to much longer. Keep on keeping on?