Thursday, May 29, 2008

Myth Dispelled.....

Over a year ago, I began having trouble with getting up after sitting for a long time. Well, shoot - that's to be expected when one is over 50 (and then some). Wrong. I ignored it for quite some time. After all, what's a little discomfort getting up and finding one needs to work the kinks out a bit before walking naturally. Wrong.

Then came the push to get in better shape after I retired in Dec of 07. Daily dates with the treadmill, adding weights to the daily routine. Still had trouble getting up after sitting for a long time...then the long time became short periods of time. No problem. That's to be expected when is over 50 and working out daily. Wrong.

Finally the truth had to be faced - there is something wrong here. Visited the doctor - and sure enough, inflammed hip. A little shot and 800mg of ibuprofen x 3 daily. Just before leaving, the doc mentioned massage therapy might help. Uh huh. Sure thing. I'm all for a relaxing time but for a hip problem?

Later on that evening, I did a little research on massage therapy. Learned a few interesting facts. A spa massage is one thing - a massage done by a licensed massage therapist is something else entirely. Amazing but I'm still wasn't convinced.

Made an appointment for the following week. Day arrives, I find my way down to the clinic - still skeptical. Tiny young lady comes out - my therapist for the next hour. Skepticism has increased 100%.

One hour later, I'm a believer. While the pain is not gone, I'm not skeptical. Future visits, definitely. And I now have a healthy respect for licensed massage therapists - emphasis on licensed.

Myth dispelled....massages can be life enhancing.


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