Friday, August 15, 2008

Another story.....

This story is a little harder to write about. "Life Settling Down" was hard enough. Missing my soul mate, my best friend and husband hurts the heart a little - but I know we'll be together again soon.

This story is about family. Perhaps members of my family will not be happy about this post - perhaps it will go unnoticed - perhaps I am making more of it than should be.

I discovered about two months ago I have a half-sister. Her name is Jill - she lives in England - and her 3 week visit with my parents will be coming to a close next week. Riley and I did visit my folks - and Jill - while Riley was home for 20 days. She's interesting, funny, out spoken - and I like her. It was not the best of visits. It was a short visit and my attention was focused on being back with my husband. I had so little time to get to know my second sister. I now have two sisters. That's an amazing statement in itself.

Everyone's life is composed of short stories. Some stories never have an ending - they go on and on. These are the stories that affect us the most and they are the unhappy stories. Those are the stories that beg for a happy ending. We all have the power to affect the end of each of these stories. We can turn unhappiness into forgiveness and look forward to a new short story. No, it's not easy - and yes, it's darn right uncomfortable.

I do know God's biggest commandment - love. When love takes over the heart, there isn't room for anything else. Plant it - nurture it - and it will grow.


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