Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life's Little Surprises....

Surprise: to come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly.

That about sums it up. Life is full of surprises - most of which we do not expect. Hence - the definition of surprise. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

Through a series of emails back & forth from my dad, I learned I have a half-sister. Riley & I met her just two days ago when we flew up to visit my parents. Jill arrived almost two weeks earlier from England and is spending three weeks with my folks.

This was her first meeting with her father, my dad - correction: our dad - and mom. It was also her first visit to the U.S. - first visit with any of her siblings (one brother and two sisters). Being an only child, I can imagine her delight (okay I am assuming much here) in finding she has two sisters and a brother.

I found her to be friendly, charming and pretty gutsy. I admire the fact she came here to the states to meet the family - not knowing how she would be greeted. I admire the fact she has met life head on. Okay - so this may be all conjecture at this point - but it's what I feel. I later thought of so many things that I wanted to ask her but didn't. There will always be emails (sadly, who writes letters anymore?!?!) and that's how we'll probably keep in touch. There have been so many times I wish I could have said the things I meant to say right then in the moment. Alas, the mark of one who procrastinates ... at times.

I've often heard that we can choose our friends but we cannot chose our family. I would not choose any other family than the one I have. And now I have two sisters. Life's little surprises can be truly..... surprising and so very good.


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