Friday, March 24, 2017

Projects and Projects...and..... 24 March 2017

First - 6 more days and I'll be in 3 months into the No Buy 2017. I think I may have discovered the reason for the multiple days of headaches.....

Design Wall!

 See the windows behind what are the two roller shades?  They measure 65" across....  The roller shades are both 65" in width.  They will be mounted above each window, leaving about a 1 1/2" (or 2" give or take) space between the two windows.

See this batting?  It's the thinnest batting I could find.  Okay - so perhaps not the thinnest but close enough.  This will be cut to the width of the roller shades - with a length of 72".  Then glued (spray adhesive) to the roller shade.  Oh drats.  I need two packages.  If anyone finds my brain wandering around, kindly return it.  
I read somewhere this method works.  Thankfully found the roller shades at a price that would not break the bank.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And next UFQ?

A "few" more patriotic blocks from a Yahoo group (Quilters Who Care).  Most of these are paper pieced.  Nice project at night...removing the paper.  There are enough in this group to make 2 or 3 decent size lap quilts.  

And let us not overlook Ms Franklin...

Sadly, I could not save the decals on the base.  Excitedly, I had uncovered a little bit of the decals on the base when cleaning....only to discover that was the only part of the decals on the base.  Sig.  But she will sport a very shiny base by next week...and a good clean up for the rest of her.  

Surprisingly, there wasn't much under the bobbin area....

 Okay - wonky photo.  But underneath the presser foot was a lot of gunk.  I think it used to be thread, lol.  Feeling pretty self puffed up, I cleaned it all out and that was that.  No, that was NOT that.  On the underside of the machine was thread wrapped around the outer bobbin holder - the kind that one must figure out how to remove.  So far, it will remain.  Even the manual wasn't a huge help as to how to remove it.  Bobbin out - yet.  Bobbin holder out - yes.  But the place where one inserts bobbin holder isn't coming out any time soon.

Projects and Projects...and.....

Life is good.



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Diamond D said...

Sharon, way to go with your machine cleaning. Your quilt shade is going to be womderful for you. A lot of great space to make your wall work. Great idea. Loving those blocks of red, blue and white. This is q great next 3 projects for you. You are really moving forward woth this project. Great work on all three projects.